Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wesley in the trees

I took some cute pics of wes in the almonds yesterday.. Hes such a cute lil guy

Friday, October 2, 2009

Bye Bye Binkie

Here are some pictures of Wesley taking the binkies to the garbage can. His first nap was sooo hard but hopefully I will be able to stay strong and follow through.. Of course when he finally fell asleep i went back out to the trash and retrieved the ziplock.. Binkies are expensive.. Wish me luck on Bye Bye Binkies...

Today Wesley is 18 months

Today is wesley's 18 month birthday and I have always said that I would take away his binkie at 18 months. Boy it's a lot harder them I thought. My thought was that I would have Wesley gather all his binkies in a ziplock bag and tell him that he needs

to give them to the garbage man. So thats what we did.. He had a hard time but he did good.

Working with dad

Wesley can't wait till the day he can go and work with his daddy.. Mark still does'nt quite think hes ready even though Wesley thinks he is.. He loves having fun with his dad..

Working the Harrowbed Early

Yesterday September 30th Wesley and I went down to the ranch to work.. But as we got there Daddy was out by the shop.. So we had to stop.. Wesley got in Marks Harrowbed and daddy taught him how to work it all.. He loved it.. Maybe someday he will run it for us..hahaha