Friday, June 8, 2007

Matt is Home Safe

Matt has returned from Brazil Safley. We are so Happy that he is home. It sounds like he was able to do a lot for those in Brazil. We are so blessed by his service.

The Cox Side

This is our latest Cox family photo.Well Mom and Dad will be leaving on the 21st of June.. they were called to serve the people of Leon, Mexico.. it is really becoming real now... Mel, Steve and Brad seem to be keeping busy with work, School, and activity's. Brad is quite the little helper we just love him. Matt is finally home and we are all so excited to see him. And Dolly is now living with her new family the Cleeks and is just loving it.

The Figuera Side

Here's our last full crazy family photo... a while ago... as you can see. Mom just got a job down in Visalia at the Hospital as a pedeatrics Nurse.. we are so proud of her. Dad is now a Batalion Chief and much less stressed.. we love that!! Bobbie is working as a CNA at home and at work... busy busy... Rachi is going to be getting in the fire reserves program soon and hopefully will be working at kaiser... And Jeff will be going back to school... they have there hands full... Chloe and Tyler are Busy bee's cute as can be. Chloe is getting to be quite the reader and tyler is enjoying life!!

Chloe and Tyler came to stay with us Over spring break so Auntie Rachi and I went and got there pictures taken. Chloe is ending her 1st grade year at Mattos and will be a Second grader next year. Tyler is at Preschool and loving every minute of it from what I hear. They are growing so fast... We just love them to death!!

Dirty Fun!!

Now that Mark has his Raptor.. he loves taking it in the dirt... Even if he has Tyler on the bike with him.. nothing will stop him from havin lots of fun.... Arn' they so cute!!