Thursday, April 22, 2010

To our son The love of our lives..

Ok so the day of Wesley’s birthday I tried writing about him but my internet kept turning off and I continuously kept loosing everything that I wrote.. So I finally have time to do it tonight.. yayaya.. So my baby turned 2 .. It seems like just yesterday we were in the hospital giving birth to our precious baby.. I had found these pictures and couldn’t believe that they were from 2 years ago.. I can remember the night that my water broke it was the night of April fools day and my sister, Mark and I were in the office in our Tipton house trying to organize everything before the baby was born. It was late and I was becoming delirious which all those who know me know that’s what happens when I become overly tired. We all began laughing sooo hard and I thought I had peed my pants. My sister thought my water had broken but yet her nor my moms water had ever broke at home so I called my cousin Becky. She 1 year before had given birth to our niece Charlie and her water had broken with her so she assured me that my water sounded like it had broke. So my sister insisted we go to the Hospital. I was still in denial because Wesley wasn’t supposed to arrive for another 2 weeks. And Chloe had a field trip to the Fresno Zoo the next day and I was a driver. So I went just to shut my sister up and Mark stayed with Chloe and Tyler because they were sleeping and I assured Mark that I would be back with a false alarm. At this point it was around 11:30 pm. We went to Kaweah Delta Hospital and after I arrived the nurse had told me that my water had in deed broken and I was dilated to a 3. I immediately called Mark and he was there within 15 min. Those of you who don’t know a normal drive from Tipton to Visalia is about 30 min. so lets just say Mark was speeding.. My Doctor “Rita Baron” came in and checked on me around 2 am and I was dilated to about a 5. My contractions were picking up and were becoming quite painful. At about 5 am I had asked for an epidural and felt sooo much better. At about 8:15 am I was dilated to a 8 so my doctor told me she was going to go to her office to see some patients.. I started freaking out because I thought there was no way she would make it back when it would be time. At about 9:00 am I was fully dilated and ready to push, they called my doctor and she was there in what seemed like seconds to me.. I was shocked. From that point on it was a piece of cake.. I really truly enjoyed delivery… as creepy as that sounds. I only wanted Mark and I in the room but I quickly changed my mind when Mark wasn’t the greatest coach in the world ( So much for our birthing classes) My sister Bobbie came in to help hold my head. I had learned that motherhood can quickly change your mind.. I had continuously told Rita that when I finally delivered Wesley that I would want him to be washed before she gave him to me. I can remember that final push.. All I ever kept saying was I just want to hear that cry.. The second after that final push he began crying and all I could think or say was give me my baby… (The whole wash him first thing went straight out the door) I just wanted to hold my baby. And he was and is the most beautiful baby I had ever seem. (I mean he wasn’t the cutest new born after a while looking back) but then that’s all I could think of. Mark and I began crying just staring at this little miracle that we had brought into this world. We knew at that moment that this precious little baby would continuously bring us such great joy and love throughout our lives and he does everyday and will continue on forever. He has changed our lives in so many ways.. He is such a fun and loving little boy who loves his family. Everyday is a new and exciting day with him. Now that he is 2 I look back at all the new things that he has done throughout the year. He loves Finding nemo and the movie Cars. He loves the Go Go’s (cars) he has begun talking so much lately he has learned his manners and knows when to say please and thank you. He loves to say his prayers after reading his good night story. He closes his eyes and folds his arms and truly talks to his father in Heaven. He has such a wonderful spirit and loves church. He loves going to nursery ( although the first 4 weeks weren’t easy) but he loves learning of Jesus. He loves money.. Mark and I have a money jar for his mission fund so he can be aware of how to save.. and every morning he asks Daddy for “Money” its adorable. He loves his cousins when he’s not around them that’s all he can talk about. He talks all the time about school.. he cant wait to go. He loves to play Ball Ball (that’s baseball) he say’s “Hey batter batter batter” its so cute. He loves his silky blanket He cant sleep without it. He loves and I mean loves to dance to music.. any kind just anything with a beat and the cutest thing is when he tries singing along and his newest trick is his attempt to snap. His cousin Chloe says “He’s the best dancer ever”. He loves his morning show “Word World” on PBS and he says “Word wooold” its cute. He loves trying to put on his shoes. He recently has begun going potty in the big boy potty and loves it.(for now although he’s not a fan of the poo-poo) He loves his dog Mickey or as he says “Kickie” He loves his daddy’s hats and shoes and mommy’s shoes as well. He loves to “Go-Go” and when we do he hates the car and his carseat. He gets so confused of who his “Gamma’s and Gandpa’s” are.. Although with the amount that he has I don’t blame him. He currently hates his crib and is petrified of it.He loves his "dippy" which means sippy he always has loved drinking but it still continues.. it even begins first thing in the morning with "Daddy" or "Mommy" "dippy? we love it. He loves large bodies of water and I have a feeling this summer is going to be a fun one with the pool (although I need to get him into swim lessons). He loves to scream when I go anywhere that he doesn’t agree with (which is just about everywhere) He loves “Gandi” ( Which means candy) and now loves “Gunnya” (which means gum) The most amazing thing to me is that every day he wakes up like his dad happy and so blessed to be here on earth. He is so happy and full of life he truly is an amazing little boy. Every day is a new and exciting day (I am not saying he isn’t naughty at times) but he truly is the greatest gift Mark and I could have ever asked for. And everyday we truly thank our father in heaven for choosing us as his parents here on earth. Wesley we love you more then you will ever know and hope that you had a great 2nd birthday and are looking forward to a lifetime of them.


Mommy and Daddy

Thursday, April 1, 2010

My baby is turning 2!!

I just can't believe that my baby is turning 2.. I have been telling Wesley that his Birthday was approaching and that he would be turning 2... so now when you ask him how old he is going to be he says.. twooo... it's the cutest thing you have ever heard.. But he has yet to master his fingers.. he tries sooo hard to get the other 2 down but just cant get it.. Before bed tonight after our story and prayers.. I asked him.. " Hey Wesley do you know how old you are going to be tommorrow" and in his sweet shy but loud voice he say's " TTWWOOO".. its so cute... Also I had to take a picture of him closing his eyes.. this is how he does it when I say ok wes lets close our eyes and fold our arms for the prayer.. it is soooo dang cute

More pictures

More pictures of my adorable baby.. Im sorry but he is sooo much fun.. he keeps me on my toes.. but it's fun.. he loves every minute of life.. in one of these pictures he is playing with the ocean bubbles... he loves bubbles right now so when he saw that the ocean had bubbles .. he
ran to them yelling bubbles.. bubbles... He had sooo much fun playing in the ocean.. It was a blast to watch..

Ok so it's been way too long..

I have officially decided it's been wayyy to long.. I have a ton to catch up on but that will have to wait.. I decided even though I have other things I need to be doing that I needed to write this stuff down first.So this week we went to the beach.. Chloe and Tyler are out for spring break and we originally were going to go clean the beach house but there was a change of plans so we decided to just go and enjoy our selfs... Wesley offically loves the Beach.. Grandma Becky will be glad to hear that.. It was freezing cold on the beach and yet wesley wanted to dive in... Aunt Mel and Brad came too.. And Wesley was having a blast chasing the waves... Daddy came over for the last day and we went to pismo.. Wesley loves running around and has such a fun little personality.. Hes so much fun..

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wesley in the trees

I took some cute pics of wes in the almonds yesterday.. Hes such a cute lil guy

Friday, October 2, 2009

Bye Bye Binkie

Here are some pictures of Wesley taking the binkies to the garbage can. His first nap was sooo hard but hopefully I will be able to stay strong and follow through.. Of course when he finally fell asleep i went back out to the trash and retrieved the ziplock.. Binkies are expensive.. Wish me luck on Bye Bye Binkies...

Today Wesley is 18 months

Today is wesley's 18 month birthday and I have always said that I would take away his binkie at 18 months. Boy it's a lot harder them I thought. My thought was that I would have Wesley gather all his binkies in a ziplock bag and tell him that he needs

to give them to the garbage man. So thats what we did.. He had a hard time but he did good.

Working with dad

Wesley can't wait till the day he can go and work with his daddy.. Mark still does'nt quite think hes ready even though Wesley thinks he is.. He loves having fun with his dad..

Working the Harrowbed Early

Yesterday September 30th Wesley and I went down to the ranch to work.. But as we got there Daddy was out by the shop.. So we had to stop.. Wesley got in Marks Harrowbed and daddy taught him how to work it all.. He loved it.. Maybe someday he will run it for us..hahaha

Monday, September 28, 2009

Some of the last pool days

The weather here is begining to cool down but today was one of the last warm days.. Chloe and Tyler came over today after school and after all there homework was done they wanted to swim.. Nick and Becky have let us borrow this really cute slide set that wesley loves.. so today I thought how fun would it be to slide in the pool with it. The kids had a blast.. Sadly the water is getting cold and our pool days are ending..

My lil Nephew is 4 months

Yesterday Steven turned 4 months old.. Today I babysat him for an hour while my sister had to take a test for her new job. When my sister returned she stared feeding steven some apples with rice cerel.. he loves food. Wesley was so interested in what he was eating so my sister gave him a bite. He did not like it.. But he tasted it and he didnt want a bite after that.

One second he's there the next he's not

On Friday Wesley will be a year and a half.. wow has time gone by fast.. At this age they are so fun but yet soo fast at mischief.. On Sunday Mark and I got back from the coast and Mark being the great Husband he is started unpacking our bags in the bedroom.. I walked in to see Wesley infront of our Mirror in the bedroom and Mark yelling "TINA". And this is what I saw. Mark said he did'nt see him get a marker.. I just had to laugh and think well at least it wasn't my walls... Mark was so upset that I took pictures instead of taking the pen away from him and get upset.. But All I could do was laugh .. Mark then took wes in the bathroom where it sounded like he was killing him as he scrubbed the marker off his face... Little Boys.. man they can keep one busy.. haha