Monday, September 28, 2009

Some of the last pool days

The weather here is begining to cool down but today was one of the last warm days.. Chloe and Tyler came over today after school and after all there homework was done they wanted to swim.. Nick and Becky have let us borrow this really cute slide set that wesley loves.. so today I thought how fun would it be to slide in the pool with it. The kids had a blast.. Sadly the water is getting cold and our pool days are ending..

My lil Nephew is 4 months

Yesterday Steven turned 4 months old.. Today I babysat him for an hour while my sister had to take a test for her new job. When my sister returned she stared feeding steven some apples with rice cerel.. he loves food. Wesley was so interested in what he was eating so my sister gave him a bite. He did not like it.. But he tasted it and he didnt want a bite after that.

One second he's there the next he's not

On Friday Wesley will be a year and a half.. wow has time gone by fast.. At this age they are so fun but yet soo fast at mischief.. On Sunday Mark and I got back from the coast and Mark being the great Husband he is started unpacking our bags in the bedroom.. I walked in to see Wesley infront of our Mirror in the bedroom and Mark yelling "TINA". And this is what I saw. Mark said he did'nt see him get a marker.. I just had to laugh and think well at least it wasn't my walls... Mark was so upset that I took pictures instead of taking the pen away from him and get upset.. But All I could do was laugh .. Mark then took wes in the bathroom where it sounded like he was killing him as he scrubbed the marker off his face... Little Boys.. man they can keep one busy.. haha

The Finish

After Lunch the guys ( Mark, Lance, Joe, Rob, Ray) all kept going to ake it back. Also Sheri and Ramona did the 60 mile ride and they did an awsome job.. We are so proud of Mark.. What a man..

The ride

The half way mark was the light house so mark and the rest of the guys took a break. When they took off again Wesley waived good bye to his daddy.. And yes in the first picture that is definetly a man that rode a unicycle on a 100 mile ride. that was crazy

Marks Ride

Mark Rode 100 miles at the coast this weekend. I am so proud of him. He has worked so hard this year in training for this ride and staying healthy and fit. And the best part about it is he has had so much fun doing it. Wesley and I had so much fun cheering him on and letting him know how much we love him and are so proud of him. He finished the ride like a champ and looked like he could have rode another 100 miles.. We love you honey..

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Night before the big Ride

Last year the night before the ride Dahl Cleek had arranged for

us to go eat at some friends of his that camp out right above Questa college where the ride starts... So this year Ramona Tripp arranged for us to eat there again.. it was very nice and full of carbs.. just what a good biker needs before a long ride.. Wesley was everywhere and loving it.. and if you look at this picture carefully him and Cathy Brown are playing guns.. shes such a fun grandma as u can tell cause wesley thought thaT was so neat that she played guns with him,,

I love Him..

My Husband is soo sweet.. You know sometimes husbands are just annoying at times.. But he was sooo sweet when he asked if Wes and I wanted to go for a walk on the beach.. we were having fun playing in the sand.. and wesley chasing birds and mommy chasing Wesley when Mark sat down in the sand .. and Wesley sat next to him.. Mark started writing an I and then a heart and I thought for sure he was going to write Wesley after that.. If that would have been the case I thought man I better step it up a little.. but then he wrote Mommy.. He is such a great man.. I can't get enough of him.. He is soo sweet at times..haha

He found a Doggy

Sure enough when Wesley saw these 2 doggies running towards him he was soo excited.. I made sure the owners said they were friendly and then Wesley tried feeding them seaweed.. He loved that seaweed..

Chasing the Birds

Wesley found some sea weed and thought it would be fun to try swinging it at the birds.. so he chased the birds of course they all flew away when he got to them but he had a blast. If you look closely there was one bird who flew right by his face...

More Ocean

Now if you look closely at the picture of wesley and I can you see anything wrong? Ya well we never saw it until our walk back.. there is definetly a dead seal behind us and hes even in our picture.. ewww... Wesley loved running on the sand and finding sea weed...

The Beach

Wesley loves the ocean.. he now will say "ocean". its too cute. Mark rode in his annual 100 mile bike ride at the coast on saterday the 26th. This is his second time doing it and im sure there is many more to come. So we headed to the coast a little early. Thursday the 24th. we went to the "ocean" as wesley would say.. It was sooo cold so I wasnt sure if I sould put him in a suit or not.. Mark said no we wont go in the water .. boy was he wrong.. Wesley saw that ocean and at first was a little hesident but then wanted to jump right in..

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Soccer begins

My nephew Tyler wanted to try out soccer this year. So I told him I would sign him up for Little Kickers (which is a beginning soccer program) to see if he liked it. So the other day I took him to the park and helped teach him the basics.. His first game is on Saterday but we wont be here because Mark rides his 100 mile ride at the coast. So Tyler wanted to put on his uniform and let me take pictures because I wouldn't be there to see his first game,... Good Luck Ty!