Monday, July 27, 2009

I opened the door to find this..

My side of the Family is heading to Idaho to celebrate my Great Grandma's 100th Birthday... So I have been beggining the packing stage again... Wesley had gone down for a nap and Mark and Tyler were playing a game in the living room so I decieded to pack.. Later I heard a ton of laughing.. so I walked out in the living room to find this.... Tyler and Wesley Picking on Mark.... Wesley was throwing his dirty Diaper at Mark and Tyler was hitting him... It was quiet funny to watch and cute to see so much laughter...

Our first day back From mexico

July 21st I think ( my days were all confused) We came back from mexico we had an all night flight and then had to drive back from LA and then do some billing.. as you can imagine we were quite tired and drained... We didnt get much sleep but I was in lazy mode and didnt feel like changing wesley into clothes.. I had to go water the plants by the pool and had just changed his diaper so he had no pants on... and lately he has been in love with his daddy's hats so prior to me watering the plants he went in our bedroom and put on one of marks hats.. I promised my self that when I had a baby that I would always have him dressed and looking presentable... well this was just too cute for words.... and lets just say even though he wasnt wearing much he still is a doll..He missed his play house thats for sure

Our Last Day in Mexico

Our last Day visiting Mexico we went shopping... Wesley and Grandma Becky waited while Mark looked for some shoes.... Wesley was so interested in all the little children... But I think his favorite place was the toy store... It was sad to go but nice to head back home to the states...

Church in Mexico

What would visiting Bob and Becky in Mexico be like without attending Church... We only attended sacrament meeting but that was tough enough with wesley Lets just say he did'nt behave and had to be taken out a few times... Church in Mexico is a lot different then at home that's for sure.. during sacrament metting all the kids left the chapel and were running around like mad kids.. it was different.. It did'nt make me think Wesley was that Naughty after all

Our Bike Ride

Becky knew of this big lake there in Leon Mexico that you can rent Bikes and Ride around the Lake/Dirty Pond... So we decided that would be sooo much fun... Grandpa and Grandma rented two double bikes for the 5 of us to ride... they didnt look the greatest but they got us where we wanted to go and were soo much fun... wesley loved it when Grandma and Grandpa rode next to us and (Held on While Mark and I pulled them...hahaha) It was a blast..

The Central

Mark wanted to get Our Friends Boys some true mexican Wrestleing Masks while we were in Mexico... Becky knew just what he was talking about so we went to the central to find them... When we first went to visit them in Mexico Becky didn't quite know the language and it was sorta hard to go places... but now she's like a pro so we were in and out with 2 very funny looking masks.... Also while we were there Grandma Becky bought Wesley a true traditional Mexican Baby's Toy and it even happen to be Lighting McQueen.. he was known by other things as well but thats what wesley knew him as... Everyone was looking at this little whit boy pulling there very own toy.. it was really cute...

Just a few of the many animals in the Mexican Zoo

Here are only a few of the many animals that we saw in the mexican zoo..It was soo fun.. thanks Bob and Becky for taking us..

More From the Zoo

Grandpa Bob always knew how to call the animals it was quite funny when they would react to his voices... Wesley loved watching the Monkeys they were a little off the wall but they were funny.. Wesley had a lot of fun looking at all the animals especially the Tiger... He was so close to him he could have touched him.. hahaha

The Zoo in Mexico

When we went to visit Bob and Becky in December of 2007 we went to the Zoo as a Family and that was my highlight of my trip... So now that Wesley was big enough to enjoy it I really wanted to take him... Grandpa Bob was a good sport and came along... It is amazing how close to all the animals you can get... Wesley had a blast.. It was definetly a zoo you would find only in Mexico... But it was so much fun..

Mexico and there Food..

Well to say it in a short way.. Down the street from Bob and Becky's House There is a Taco Stand and they make the best cheese Quesadilla's ever... But they don't open until 7pm. But I definetly had them every might except Sunday and Monday night... Also too there is a lady on the corner that sells the best corn ever... The only problem was she was only there every other night... Wesley was like his mom.. he loved the mexican food.... Yumm... I miss it already

Our Arrival in Mexico..

July 14th we arrived in Mexico early in the morning.. we got some shut eye and then it was fun with grandma and grandpa Cox... Wesley drove the car with grandpa while grandma and daddy blew up the pool... Wesley loved playing in the water.. I'm not sure it was the best thing for him but he had a blast... we tried not to let him drink it..Daddy got in the pool tooo.. I think everyone around him might as well been in the pool because he loved splashing us ... After that we went for a walk and rented a few movies... Grandma loved Marley en Yo... haha

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Sippy went into the Ocean

My sister and I took the kids on the Pier to watch all the Dolphins and whales... Im a freak about hieghts so I left wesley in his stroller... Well he must not have liked that so much because he chucked it into the ocean... We were all laughing and he was a lil sad... we thought maybe it would go back to shore by the time we got there.. it was sorta close but not close enough... so Bobbie asked a surfer if he could get it for us.. he was very kind and made Wesley's Day.... Also here's a sweet picture of my new lil nephew steven Asleep..

After the 4th

After the 4th My sister and my nephews and niece came over to the beach... They came over Monday morning and we all left Wed. The kids just had a blast playing on the beach... there wAs a ton of animals in the ocean and along the ocean so the kids had a blast exploreing. We also went to Avila Farms... It was just a fun few days..