Saturday, August 29, 2009

He discovered his Finger Fits in his Nose

A few Weeks ago when I was driving down the road Chloe and Wesley started Laughing sooo hard.. so I looked back to this.. Wesley was picking his nose.. and liking it.. Boy do I have it cut out for me.. haha.. but hes even cute picking his nose.

A Wish come true..

When My neice and nephew were little This picture place called picture people was around.. it is the cutest child picture place ever.. it's not the cheapest but worth the yearly shots... I had always wished some day my children would be cute enough in there eyes to put up on the wall in the store..So when wesley was a year old and a month or so I went and had his pictures taken.. the manager came and asked me if I would mind signing a waver saying that they could put Wesley's picture up because it was sooo cute.. so of course I did.. I had never been back to the mall since.. Well tonight I was there and this is what I spotted... My Childhood Wishes came true...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chloe and Ty's 1st day of school..

On Aug 13 Chloe and Tyler started there 1st day back at school as a 4th grader and a 1st grader. Wesley and I went to there house and the morning and were able to be a part of it all... After School was over I decided that I needed some cousin pictures so the kids agreed but only a few.. By the end of it all Wesley was walking out of pictures, Chloe hated us and Tyler just wanted to go play.. Steven of course was just sick of being thrown around everywhere but was very patient .. even though the pictures didnt turn out too great at least it descibes our day.. haha

Before we left Idaho

Mark was dieing to ride my grandpa's gold wing.. So before we left he rode it. Rachi and jeff both rode it as well but with my grandpa.. Jeff said he didnt want to be known as the guy who recked grandpa;s goldwing....haha

My Grandpa's Cabin in Driggs Idaho

When we were kids we loved this place. My grandpa had little motorcyles that we would ride and when we went during winter we would play in the snow and go skiing.. So we all went up for the day just to see how much it had changed.. It was a lot of fun.

Sunday in Idaho

Sunday we went to my other grandparents ward and went to there house for a big BBQ that my grandparents had prepared for us. It was nice to see that side again. We all decided to take seperate family photos so when it came down to my mom and her family it was quite funny... Mark walked out of the picture, My mom wouldn't stop yelling at her 2 girls, bobbie was making funny faces, and i just couldn't stop laughing. After wards we went back to my grandpa's house and wesley had fun with grandpa summers.

The reason for Idaho

My Great grandma turned 100 years old. She is such and amazing person and even after breaking her hip twice she is still doing great. Chloe, Tyler, Wesley and Steven are her only Great Great Grandkids so of course we had to take lots of pictures.. We love that women soo much.

Our 1st day in idaho at the Zoo

When I was a little kid and we would go visit my grandparents in idaho falls we would always go to the zoo that happens to only be a block from there house. So we thought it would be fun to take the kids.. We walked of course and the kids had a blast.

Before Idaho at Grandpa's house..

Before we headed off to idaho we went up to my dad's house.. It makes for easier traveling when you leave out of the Oakland airport. My dad's house is very non kid friendly but the kids managed to find something to do.. they swam in his hot tub and had a blast.. Wesley liked drinking the water the best..haha

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Great Blessing..

Back in 2007 Mark was contenplating on having the Gastric Bypass done.. He had mixed feelings about it and was a little scared of all the possiblities that could happen during surgery.. Then it was the financial part of the deal.. Our insurance would only cover so much so thanks to the help/blessing of his parents they helped in that department.. in October of 2007 Mark had his surgery done.. I was 5 months pregnant and a mess but Melanie (Mark's sister was there to help me through it after is surgery ended up taking over 2 1/2 hours.) When mark finally came out of it he was so sore and in a lot of pain.. At that point he did'nt quite know if he had made the right choice... Tonight Elton and Mindy Tripp came over and we were looking at pictures on the computer. We had never realized that mark was as big and unhealthy as he was. Mark and I wanted to take A picture of him now and compare so here it is. We were just talking about what a blessing that was that mark was able to get that surgery. It has made him beccome active in life once again. He is now going to the gym 3 days a week and Cycles 3 days a week and is about to go on a 100 mile bike ride at the coast next month. He is such a wonderful man and im so lucky to have him..And knowing now that he is healthy and will be around for Wesley and I for a long long time is such a blessing in it's self. Its just such a Great blessing that this has taken place for our family.. Thank you Bob and Becky for helping this be possible.