Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Niece is an All Star

Last year Chloe played softball for the first time... she wasnt the best.. it wasn't her falt she didnt have the greatest coach.. But this year she is incredible.. She plays first base in the outfield and has an incredible arm.. She is really good about hitting the ball everytime but is still a little shy on hitting it hard.. Today was her first game of the season and happen to fall on Wesley's Birthday.. She played great.. were so proud of her and can't wait to see all her games.

My Baby is One!

The Day has come that I never thought would come soo soon... Today my baby is 1! Its so sad but I guess they all have to grow up. I just wish he would'nt grow so fast. Mark and I got a tractor for his birthday.. it came to our house in the mail yesterday so mark and Wesly put it together last night. He absolutly loves it.. he can't quite peddle it but he will some day but he loves acting like hes driving it.. This morning we had the Cox Family tradition of Birthday Pancakes.. He loved the candle. When all the family had called this morning they would sing Happy Birthday to him and he loved it he danced and danced.. Saterday is his Party so ill post more then..

The New Face and Noises

This is the new face as of March 27th. He looks at people he doesn't know all that well and gives this face like and you are.. He also began growling like a dog... When we play with his Dinosours in the bath tub we began growling and now he growls at people.. its too funny

Battle Wounds

The battle wounds begin... This past weekend we went up to Fremont for my sister Bobbie's Baby shower. Well my dad has hard wood floors and Wesley didnt do to well in them... He got hit in the eye by a chair and his food was run over by the door... I have a feeling this is only the beginning..

Crawling/ Walking

My little boy is growing up..
He still does the army Crawl.. And is very fast. Mark said that on March 31st he took 5 steps.. i saw one but that was it.. he is such a doll.. just go at your own pace baby...

April Fools

I could'nt help but think about a year ago today.. when I was in our Tipton house with mark and my sister Bobbie and we were laughing when I thought I had peed my pants when come to find out my water had broke.. It's hard to believe that my baby will be 1. I took sweet little pictures of him.. he is such a great blessing in my life and is such an amazing baby.. where has the time gone.

St. Patricks Day.. A few posts behind..

On St. Patricks Day I had to go to the hospital (Because it was hurting really bad again)to finally remove the stint that was placed in me back in November when I found out that I had Gal Stones and that they were stuck..That was a nightmare of 5 days in the hospital.. but anyways they placed a stint in me to release the stones well I went in and all was well I left that night even though the doctor hadent come to see me yet But the nurse was an idiot.. Well yesterday I went into the doctors for him to see how I was doing.. when he told me that the surgery went great but when he went in he had to cut an opening because it looked like there was more that was blocked.. he said sure enough when he opened the opening 3 more stones can out.. (thats what was still hurting me). But he reasured me that from hear on out there will be no more pain..yayyyyy