Friday, November 2, 2007

Marks my Hero!!

Mark's Sugery went well.. he feels he has fully recovered the only things still bothering him is his sore throat and his skin is poofy and red on his arms.. other then that he is up walking and moving as usual.. he was so tough in the hospital he is my Hero.. I'm so blessed that he is doing so great!!


Katie said...

Way to go Mark! We are all cheering you on. What a good patient:)

Chris and Kar said...

YAY, Mark! Sooo happy everything went well and that you seem to be recovering great! Tina must take great care of you :)

gma & gpa asplund said...

Congratulations Mark for surviving!! We are totally happy for you and know this will be a huge blessing in your life. Hope you continue with great progress.
Hey Tina--so glad you have come back to Blog-haven!!

Grammy said...

Mark, so glad you are doing well. Any kind of surgery is scary! I know you will continue to do well and your life will be greatly blessed. You are going to be such a great Daddy!!!

debbie said...

mark and tina,
i am so excited for you guys with marks surgery and you guys having a little boy. congrats!