Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wesley at 34 weeks..

Our Little Baby Wesley.
He is so cute.. we can't wait
to hold him. He is definetly
Still a very active little boy.
Of course he would only show us
his profile. but it was better then nothing..


gma & gpa asplund said...

hi you cute little family,
Oh Wesley looks just like his daddy, same nose and cheeks!! Yea riht. Glad all is progresss=ing quickly and you will soon be happy mom and dad. We are at the MTC and loving our experience. Yesterday Kaiya was sealed to Karli and Chris and it was sooo special. Love you bunches.

Chris and Kar said...

oh my gosh, how fun!! ultrasounds are so great, and really help to get you excited about holding that little man! love the name too! so excited for you guys!

Gabe said...

Congratulations!!! I did not know you were going to have a baby! I am very happy for you two! Mark, I hope that you get better and good job with the baby! Tina; I hope the pregnancy has treated you right and that the baby is growing strong.
Erin and I started a blog, check it out.

Katie said...

You are getting so close now. I can't wait to see pictures of that little guy when he gets here.

Grammy said...

Oh Tina, how fun! I am so excited for you. You better let us know when that little guy gets here, and please hug Mark for me. How is he doing?

Anonymous said...

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