Thursday, April 2, 2009

St. Patricks Day.. A few posts behind..

On St. Patricks Day I had to go to the hospital (Because it was hurting really bad again)to finally remove the stint that was placed in me back in November when I found out that I had Gal Stones and that they were stuck..That was a nightmare of 5 days in the hospital.. but anyways they placed a stint in me to release the stones well I went in and all was well I left that night even though the doctor hadent come to see me yet But the nurse was an idiot.. Well yesterday I went into the doctors for him to see how I was doing.. when he told me that the surgery went great but when he went in he had to cut an opening because it looked like there was more that was blocked.. he said sure enough when he opened the opening 3 more stones can out.. (thats what was still hurting me). But he reasured me that from hear on out there will be no more pain..yayyyyy

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