Saturday, August 29, 2009

He discovered his Finger Fits in his Nose

A few Weeks ago when I was driving down the road Chloe and Wesley started Laughing sooo hard.. so I looked back to this.. Wesley was picking his nose.. and liking it.. Boy do I have it cut out for me.. haha.. but hes even cute picking his nose.


Bob and Becky said...

You tell that little boy he can't pick his nose and be in the pictures as a little angel in the store at the same time....He is so darling. I am glad your dream came true. The best part of the whole deal is that he is as sweet as he is cute.....Does that sound like a grandma?

Becky said...

two years ago...i would have put money on the fact that you would never post a picture of your child with a finger up his nose...mommyhood changes things, doesn't it? love you lots...see you soon - bb