Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ok so it's been way too long..

I have officially decided it's been wayyy to long.. I have a ton to catch up on but that will have to wait.. I decided even though I have other things I need to be doing that I needed to write this stuff down first.So this week we went to the beach.. Chloe and Tyler are out for spring break and we originally were going to go clean the beach house but there was a change of plans so we decided to just go and enjoy our selfs... Wesley offically loves the Beach.. Grandma Becky will be glad to hear that.. It was freezing cold on the beach and yet wesley wanted to dive in... Aunt Mel and Brad came too.. And Wesley was having a blast chasing the waves... Daddy came over for the last day and we went to pismo.. Wesley loves running around and has such a fun little personality.. Hes so much fun..


brenna said...

I agree; it has been too long. It's so fun to see some pictures up!

Bob and Becky said...

I can hardly wait!
Walk, run, explore the beaches, build sandcastles....whatever, everyday...with Grandma Becky sounds like fun........Bought my swimsuit and I ready to hit the ocean floor. Love ya Wesley!