Monday, September 28, 2009

One second he's there the next he's not

On Friday Wesley will be a year and a half.. wow has time gone by fast.. At this age they are so fun but yet soo fast at mischief.. On Sunday Mark and I got back from the coast and Mark being the great Husband he is started unpacking our bags in the bedroom.. I walked in to see Wesley infront of our Mirror in the bedroom and Mark yelling "TINA". And this is what I saw. Mark said he did'nt see him get a marker.. I just had to laugh and think well at least it wasn't my walls... Mark was so upset that I took pictures instead of taking the pen away from him and get upset.. But All I could do was laugh .. Mark then took wes in the bathroom where it sounded like he was killing him as he scrubbed the marker off his face... Little Boys.. man they can keep one busy.. haha


Danielle said...

Oh man! It's so true! Just the other day, all I did was go pee and when I got back, there was half a Costco bag of raisins scattered on the floor of the kitchen and Dawna and Lawrence were making "raisin Angels"! From wall to wall! If I were that efficient, my house would be spotless!!

Anyway... Yes, we do need to get these boys together!

Becky said...

seriously, it almost creeps me out how easy it is to get all the crayola washable products off of skin, walls, floors and upholstery. it's almost makes me more casual than i should be. like, go ahead and run around with that red marker if it's the only thing making you happy. i'll clean it up later...and if it doesn't come off - well, that's what paint and powerwashers are for. love you - bb