Saturday, July 11, 2009

The 4th Of july

Another year with the Cox family tradition of 4th of July at the coast... Matt, Brenna, and Jeremy flew in Thursday night and the cleeks came over Friday morning... Dahl and LaRayne as usual brought us soooo much food... we didnt go hungry actually I gained a total of 7 pounds when I had returned home and weighed myself.. The morning of the 4th Mark, wes and I went doen to the sand castles the Browns came down there later.. Wesley just loved Charlie it was quite funny...We then went home and Dahl and LaRayne had a wonderful Breakfast waiting for us.. We were trying to make it back to the parade but never got there... We all then were busy getting ready for the big 4th of July dinner. Matt and Brenna made the home made ice cream.. meal made her potato salad.. and mark and I ... welll i guess it ended up just being me made the homemade burgers.. it was quite the feast... especially when you add in all LaRayne's extras... wow... It was a Fun day... We watched the fireworks from the Balcony it was such a beautiful clear night.. We can't wait till next year when Grandma and Grandpa Cox return home and Wesley will be able to enjoy those fun times with them.


jackie herself said...

oh my guys are so stinking cute!!!

Bob and Becky said...

Can't wait!
But I guess I'll have to
Time is going by so quickly nowdays