Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Sippy went into the Ocean

My sister and I took the kids on the Pier to watch all the Dolphins and whales... Im a freak about hieghts so I left wesley in his stroller... Well he must not have liked that so much because he chucked it into the ocean... We were all laughing and he was a lil sad... we thought maybe it would go back to shore by the time we got there.. it was sorta close but not close enough... so Bobbie asked a surfer if he could get it for us.. he was very kind and made Wesley's Day.... Also here's a sweet picture of my new lil nephew steven Asleep..


Bob and Becky said...

That picture scares me
just thinking about Wesley looking over the pier that way. Hold on Wesley....grandma is coming to save you!

Danielle said...

Awesome! Only you could be charismatic enough to get a surfer to fetch a sippy out of the ocean for you!

brenna said...

That was a very nice surfer! I'm glad the sippy was recovered