Monday, March 2, 2009

Dad's Babysitting Job

So Thursday Night I went out to Dinner with some friends for Becky Brown's Birthday.. I left Mark in charge of taking care of Wesley... which he is a great dad I have 150 percent trust... I came home that night to my baby asleep in his crib.. I went to kiss him good night when it felt like all he was wearing was a onsie.. I felt closer and he had a onsie and sweat pants on.. I asked Mark Why he chose that instead of PJ's when he informed me that he put Wesley in what he wanted to wear... I woke up the next morning to this.... Mark when Wesley was born had bought him these onsies one that read "Can you Smell my Exaust" and another that read "Can't wait to Ride". If you know me... I would'nt take Wes out wearing something like that unless we were at the Dunes... Well so Mark was dieing to have wes wear that onsie.. so sure enough found it and slipped it on.... How cute is that...

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