Monday, September 14, 2009

A Fun/Unexpected Day..

On Saterday I decided to take Tyler and Wesley for a boys day to Adventure Park.. We were going to miniture golf.. As many of you might know im a pro at mini golf.. And I get a lil competive. So I took the boys out there with my game face on.. I had Tyler go first he did great but still has a hard time remembering that you cant touch the ball with your hands and hit the ball so hard it fly's in the bushes everytime. Wesley went next.. I showed him how to swing the club and hit the ball.. When I went I tried hitting the ball when Wesley picked it up for me.. He's soo sweet.. By the 2nd hole.. lets just say I retired my club in my bag.. I had given my ball to tyler because he had already lost his ball... and I helped wes play a lil golf.. By mid way through wesley learned how to do it.. It was a great stradegy.. He would pick up the ball and put it in the hole.. it was hilarious.. It was so much fun to see the boys have there own twist to miniture golf.. After we golfed and it was sooo hot we went and had Icee's.. Then we went on the water bumper boats where wes and I Squirted Ty with water.. The boys and I had a blast..

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Becky said...

now i need pics of the playhouse! snap, snap, woman! love yah, bb