Tuesday, September 15, 2009


A lady in our ward past away on saterday and her funeral is today.. Being that im a stay at home mom and I had a bunch of food in my food storage I had to work through.. I am in charge of the meal for 40 people.. I decided I would just do Chicken alfredo, salad rolls and desert.. easy enough.. Well being that Mark still feels like Wesley is too young to spend time with him on the ranch without me being there ... Wesley gets a lot of mommy time.. Which I love.. But He loves to clean, cook, play with playdough, color, ect. Mark says "those are mommy things"..haha thats so coming from a Cox. So I had to prepare food this morning.. Wesley of course wanted to help.. so as usual I pulled the bar stool up and he helped.. Since July Wesley has learned his hot from his cold.. so while near the stove he kept saying hot..hot.. Ive trained him well... He is going to be such a good boy.. I love that hes such a great helper..


Becky said...

okay, now i'm curious about a recipe. it sounds good. he's like a little lukie. funny that, i wish i could convince charlie to even step in the kitchen. she wants nothing to do with it. sigh.

Bob and Becky said...

Thanks for sharing these cute pictures....sounds like Wesley is ready for his gramma to come home so he can cook with meeeeeeeee.

Barb Yentes said...

you are teaching him the montessori way.....good job!!!!:)