Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Beach

Wesley loves the ocean.. he now will say "ocean". its too cute. Mark rode in his annual 100 mile bike ride at the coast on saterday the 26th. This is his second time doing it and im sure there is many more to come. So we headed to the coast a little early. Thursday the 24th. we went to the "ocean" as wesley would say.. It was sooo cold so I wasnt sure if I sould put him in a suit or not.. Mark said no we wont go in the water .. boy was he wrong.. Wesley saw that ocean and at first was a little hesident but then wanted to jump right in..


Bob and Becky said...

Felicidades Markee.... We sure are proud of you.

Grammy said...

Love all the ocean pictures of Wesley. His Grandma Cox will be so happy that he loves the ocean, 'cause she sure does!