Friday, September 18, 2009

Fair Day

on Wednesday the 16th it was fair day.. Mark had to work so my sister Bobbie and I took the kids the parade and then to the fair.. We met up with Heather Morris and her girls for a little while .. Wesley loved the parade.. Last year he was a little to small and all the noises would hurt his ears.. Not this year... All the floats would throw candy his way he was in heaven.. Chloe finally started useing him for candy.. her comment was " Wesley hurry I want some candy and here comes another float".. haha All the people on the floats were so sweet to him.. After the parade we went to the fair.. We started at the childrens side were this year it was Learning about agriculture.. Wesley played in corn.. rode on tractors, scooped up animal poop..(fake) and Chloe even let him ride on a fake horse that she saddled...The kids had a blast.. Steven loved the corn..

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Marika said...

i love it! if you look at the picture, the horse has a sign "please do not sit on or ride me". i know it was a personal invitation, i just found it funny. glad the kids had fun. when i was there last month, i didn't even recognize westly he was such a "big boy"!